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The fine print: No strings attached after the 30 day trial period. To continue after the trial period we offer three different subscription plans. User data from the 30 day trial period will be deleted according to GDPR guidelines.

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Get the full overview!

Data is visualised in the dashboard. Drag and drop to create and change your broadcast schedule. Keep an eye on the amount of minutes broadcasted in each category.



Weekly schedule showing the whole year.
Archive of ideas
The colour code* is used to indicate how far the broadcast in question is in the process of turning an idea into a broadcast.
The distribution of broadcasts in each category.

*The colour code is completely customisable and could for example be used to indicate individuals on your team to show who is working on which projects.
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Documentation and reports

Are you required to send reports of your work to a third party? Or du you need manageable documentation for other reasons?
No more playing hide and seek with the necessary information, RheaPitchboard already has everything collected and ready to download as a PDF file.

Teamwork and collaboration

It has never been easier to divide work tasks and to complement each other on the team!
The whole team can read the existing documents, see the ideas in the archive and add their own.

RheaPitchboard is ideal for collaboration:
• Across teams
• From the home office or out in the field
• On larger projects between different institutions
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Idea archive

Does this sound too familiar:

Fast pace, interrupted work process, change of plans, losing track of tasks, writing down ideas on nearest piece of paper or in a chain of text messages. Where is that piece of paper with the genius idea when you need it?

RheaPitchboard is never farther away than the nearest phone, tablet or computer. Write down ideas on the go or during a team brainstorm, they will be safe in the online archive until you need them.

RheaPitchboard is compatible with any device with access to an internet browser.

ipad RheaPitchboard
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RheaPitchboard is developed based on the needs of television and radio stations. This means that this is an absolutely tailor-made software tool, which makes it easy and intuitive to incorporate in the daily work of a media station.
RheaPitchboard offers flexibility both in terms of the content and the visual components, and can be used for many purposes with the need of scheduling and coordinating between individuals and/or teams.

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Can more than one person edit the documents?

Yes, the administrator can both add and remove users. They can also decide which users have access to edit documents or only to read them!

Can the workflow colour code be changed?

Yes, both the colours and the labels can be changed as you please.

Can I get help when setting up our account as I’m not very tech-savvy?

Yes, we can help you get RheaPitchboard set up to fit the needs of your media station!

Can't we just continue using paper and a whiteboard like we are used to?

Sure you can. But do you always know exactly where said paper is located? Were your good ideas on the whiteboard documented, and where? RheaPitchboard is designed to lighten your work load!